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#108: Saturday Sounds (http://bladeordie.com)

#108: Saturday Sounds
from http://bladeordie.com on 19 Jun 2018

Did you hear that? Rollerblading may be a visual sport, but there are wonderfully rich sounds generated while doing it, from the ting and hum of skates locking onto a rail to the thunderous applause when a trick is landed. That’s what this episode is all about. So, here’s a Saturday session in Northern California with skaters […]

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#107: NWST 2018 (http://bladeordie.com)

#107: NWST 2018
from http://bladeordie.com on 13 Jun 2018

Ya’ll like camping and blading? From blistering hot concrete to icy cold rivers, the Northwest Shred Tour, yet again, brought us together to shred, camp, and remind ourselves why we’re all alive. Reported extensively by Levi Sebastian, with limited help from Philip Moore and Brian Krans, the Rock Town Podcast gives you a complete look […]

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#106: Megan Petersen (http://bladeordie.com)

#106: Megan Petersen
from http://bladeordie.com on 31 May 2018

Warning: there are a lot of dog shenanigans on this episode. Megan Petersen is a photographer and bladie. In town for the Northwest Shred Tour, she, Stephen Durasa, and I talk about her new project: thebladies.com. Starting out with a few T-shirt designs, she hopes to expand it out into a central hub for female-centered blader content […]

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#105: Drew Costley (http://bladeordie.com)

#105: Drew Costley
from http://bladeordie.com on 25 May 2018

There’s nothing better than going to grad school and getting someone back on their skates. Drew Costley is a born-again rollerblader. Born in D.C., raised in Virginia, and currently being educated in Berkeley, he is also photographer, multimedia journalist, and a fun person to be around. We talk about how the Disney movie Brink got […]

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#104: Ryan Lindsay (http://bladeordie.com)

#104: Ryan Lindsay
from http://bladeordie.com on 22 May 2018

Ryan Lindsay and I became friends in grad school starting with the fact neither of us are particularly social at 9 a.m. We talk about Ryan’s early days of rollerblading, representation in action sports, gun violence in America, and much more. During our conversation, we, unfortunately, picked up the sounds of gunfire in my neighborhood. […]

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