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#126: Gold Comp Primer (http://bladeordie.com)

#126: Gold Comp Primer
from http://bladeordie.com on 10 Apr 2019

It’s contest season! The Gold Comp is a new NorCal park contest by Josh Goldberg. It’s being held April 27th at the Stonegate Skatepark in San Jose with $2,500 in cash on the line, so, if you’re coming, make sure to get there before 11 a.m. to cheer for the kids’ comp. Come join us […]

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#125: Super Bowl Special (http://bladeordie.com)

#125: Super Bowl Special
from http://bladeordie.com on 13 Feb 2019

We’re going to get sued for the title alone, but… Phil and Brian talk about the death of Rollernews, blade books, blade memes, TWIB, Filthy Fiesta 2, fresh Skookum Tunes, our recent skate sessions, podcasting at Winterclash, 21 Savage, and other things. You can directly download the episode here, or stream it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. (Subscribe, […]

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#124: Intuition Skate Shop (http://bladeordie.com)

#124: Intuition Skate Shop
from http://bladeordie.com on 15 Jan 2019

As the slogan goes: “Stuck growing up. Matt Mickey, Cody Norman, Chad Tannehill and Anthony Luna are the local core of the Intuition Skate Shop in Bakersfield, California. Since Luna and Tannehill are on a streak of winning the Lux Street Open, Krans and Levi took a road trip to check in with our local skate […]

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#123: Cam Got a Pro Wheel (http://bladeordie.com)

#123: Cam Got a Pro Wheel
from http://bladeordie.com on 18 Dec 2018

There’s surprisingly a lot to say about wheelbarrow tricks. Cameron Talbott recently got his first rollerblading product with his name on it: a 60-millimeter wheel from Sic Urethane. Since Philip Moore also has a pro wheel from Sic, we needed to sit down and talk. We talk about what projects they’re working on, DIY skate […]

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#122: butterTV (http://bladeordie.com)

#122: butterTV
from http://bladeordie.com on 30 Nov 2018

“We can can him, manhandle him, if you wanna Run in his crib-o, get ditto, skate like a limo.” — Ghostface Killah. J.P. — better known as butterTV — quit his construction job to become a professional filmer and his recent contest edits have shown it. Phil and Brian talk with him and BFree, who […]

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