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#132: Phil in Australia (http://bladeordie.com)

#132: Phil in Australia
from http://bladeordie.com on 10 Aug 2019

Here’s what’s not on this episode: Phil’s thoughts on Australian milkshakes. Rock Town co-host Phillip Moore recently traveled to Australia to visit his partner’s home and meet many of her friends. He took along his skates and a recorder to talk with some Aussie locals and a recent transplant. After coming back to Oakland, he […]

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#131: Nate Herse (Akerue) (http://bladeordie.com)

#131: Nate Herse (Akerue)
from http://bladeordie.com on 31 Jul 2019

It’s okay, Shredpool. Our fingies are safe. Nate Herse is an engineer and a rollerblader who made some frames called Akerue. They look like aluminum skeletons. He tells Levi Sebastian, Brian Krans and Chris Bjerre about his thought process behind their design and construction and what it will take to make them available to the […]

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#130: BFree’s #731 (http://bladeordie.com)

#130: BFree’s #731
from http://bladeordie.com on 9 Jul 2019

If you’re not down to get it forever, this episode isn’t for you. Two years ago, Brian “BFree” Freeman started skating every day, first recording clips using a shoe tripod and soon developing a thesis: Let’s Get It Forever. Rock Town Podcast Co-Host Levi Sebastian talks with BFree before one of his three sessions on […]

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#129: ‘Hit It Whet’ w/Taylor Kobryn (http://bladeordie.com)

#129: ‘Hit It Whet’ w/Taylor Kobryn
from http://bladeordie.com on 23 Jun 2019

Whet. Taylor Kobryn is a college student and blade filmmaker living in San Francisco. He’s current filming for Hit It Whet, a video with an impressive amount of talent, largely filmed in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area. We talk about his video, skating-friendly architecture in San Francisco, heroes like Danny Beer and Isiah England, […]

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#126: Gold Comp Primer (http://bladeordie.com)

#126: Gold Comp Primer
from http://bladeordie.com on 10 Apr 2019

It’s contest season! The Gold Comp is a new NorCal park contest by Josh Goldberg. It’s being held April 27th at the Stonegate Skatepark in San Jose with $2,500 in cash on the line, so, if you’re coming, make sure to get there before 11 a.m. to cheer for the kids’ comp. Come join us […]

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