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#117: Lux Street Open (http://bladeordie.com)

#117: Lux Street Open
from http://bladeordie.com on 10 Oct 2018

On this episode, the whole Rock Town crews heads out to the Lux Street Open Held in some iconic old-school spots, the second installment of the Lux Street Open was another day of some pretty intense competition. But more importantly, it was a day to forget all the other bullshit in our lives and hang […]

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#116: Filthy Fiesta Primer (http://bladeordie.com)

#116: Filthy Fiesta Primer
from http://bladeordie.com on 25 Sep 2018

“We’re all adults, and it should be fun.” — ESG Held Oct. 13 at Third & Army in San Francisco, the Filthy Fiesta is a new contest from Cameron Talbott and Erick Garcia. They say it’s not solely for aggressive skaters, but there will be a motorcycle pulling fools. Rock Town co-hosts Philip Moore and […]

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#115: Lux Street Open Primer (http://bladeordie.com)

#115: Lux Street Open Primer
from http://bladeordie.com on 12 Sep 2018

Come on out to the Bay! Held Sept. 29th in San Jose, the Lux Street Open returns for its second year. Hosted by Mike Jiminez and Kirk Chang (after party by BJ Bernhardt) will be another damn good day in San Jose. Friends from all over California, and a few other parts of the country, are coming […]

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#114: Adam Johnson (http://bladeordie.com)

#114: Adam Johnson
from http://bladeordie.com on 27 Aug 2018

It’s okay…rollerblading has been saved. Adam Johnson is a prolific filmmaker and brand connoisseur in rollerblading. Forever linked with legendary skaters and iconic skate videos, Adam just also happens to be a really good dude. We talk about what it takes to be a decent guest in someone’s home, the current marketplace for rollerblading goods, and, even just […]

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#113: Michael D’Andrade (http://bladeordie.com)

#113: Michael D’Andrade
from http://bladeordie.com on 13 Aug 2018

It’s time to learn about the art of the slow walk away… Michael D’Andrade is a New York City native now living in the Bay Area. He always has the best vintage gear — skating-related and not — because he’s always on the prowl for it. On a sunny and seasonably warm Friday morning in […]

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