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Ayoub El-Gharib Documentary | NOBODY KNOWS 3 (John Lönngren)

John LönngrenAyoub El-Gharib Documentary | NOBODY KNOWS 3
from John Lönngren on 22 Jan 2018

Ayoub moved to Sweden in 2015 to my little hometown Halmstad. At first the plan was to shoot an profile of Ayoub entirely in 4k. Then after a year or two the project evolved into something else.

Directed and shot by John Lönngren.

Chapter 1: Audiobinger – bedroom eyes http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Aud…
Chapter 2: Super duper – out of orbit. www.musicbed.com
Chapter 3: Ryan Little – Thanks you for playing (god speed) https://soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle

Filmed in Helsingborg, Halmstad, Eskilstuna and Göteborg Between the years of 2015-2018.

Thank you for watching the NOBODY KNOWS 3 series!!

Maple Motion

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from John Lönngren on 14 Jan 2018

This is Funcity, an abandoned water park in Varberg Sweden.
Found this place on the web the summer of 2017 and got the idea of going in there and film some drone footage and do an edit.

At first I didn’t though about it as an combined art montage and rollerblading edit. Wished I found this place when it shut down in 2012 when everything were still fresh so the waterslides could be skated, now they are really sketchy and falling apart.

Ayoub El-Gharib
Peter Kallio
Linus Hellström

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John Lönngren 2013-2016 (John Lönngren)

John LönngrenJohn Lönngren 2013-2016
from John Lönngren on 23 May 2016

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Collected footage 2013-2014 (John Lönngren)

John LönngrenCollected footage 2013-2014
from John Lönngren on 7 Oct 2015

This is what people would call lost clips and stuff like that. Most clips were first meant to be saved for a bigger project and some are leftovers that didn’t make it to “10 years of blading” but I decided to do an edit anyway.
I´m really glad how this edit came out. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.
Filmed in mostly Sweden but also Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin (summerclash) and Eindhoven (winterclash)-
Filmed with Panasonic tm700 and Canon 60D with a large variety of lenses.
Camera and edit: John Lönngren

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Ponycup 2015 | The last one | Nykøbing Falster (John Lönngren)

John LönngrenPonycup 2015 | The last one | Nykøbing Falster
from John Lönngren on 30 Mar 2015

Ponycup 2015 were fantastic. I woke up that day with fever and still made the decision to go to Denmark to capture the event. Missed a lot of good tricks so this is not all that went down.
Filmed with Canon 60D, EF 24-105, Edited in Premier pro CC.

1. Nick Lomax – 1000€ (UK)
2. Stefan Alfano – (FR)
3. Theodor Reumert (DK)
4. Jacob Juul (DK)
5. Dano Gorman (IRE)
6. Fedor Simonov (GER
7. Bruce Varache (FR)
8. Frederik Kofoed (DK)
9. Daniel Nielsen (DK)
10. Richie Eisler (CAN)

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