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Skating for Eggs (Matty Pearce)

Matty PearceSkating for Eggs
from Matty Pearce on 4 Sep 2018

One day last week I went to the shop for eggs and decided to lace up the Rollerblades and took a camera along too. I think I might start doing this more regularly along more of the streets and pathways in Elgin and Moray.

This was filmed on a GoPro Hero 3 and a Feiyu Gimbal.

Music by Gavin Luke – Sun Melt Waves

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Cooper Park (Matty Pearce)

Matty PearceCooper Park
from Matty Pearce on 23 Jun 2017

A montage of shots filmed at Cooper Park, Elgin on a sunny summers’ day.

Shot on a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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Inverness Park (Matty Pearce)

Matty PearceInverness Park
from Matty Pearce on 16 Sep 2016

Filmed on DJI Phantom 3 Standard and Canon 6D.

A trip through to Inverness skatepark and as the night set in and the lights came on, we caught a few tricks on camera.

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The Dee Cup 2016 (Matty Pearce)

Matty PearceThe Dee Cup 2016
from Matty Pearce on 28 Jun 2016

Coverage from The Dee Cup 2016 at The Factory Skatepark, Dundee.

Congratulations to James Keyte walking away with 1st place, and a big Thank You to everyone who turned up and made the day what it was.

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Westburn, Hospital & Love Scotland (Matty Pearce)

Matty PearceWestburn, Hospital & Love Scotland
from Matty Pearce on 20 Oct 2015

Another instalment of Raw clips from 2011. Filmed over 2 days, the first day saw Rollerbladers from all over Scotland get together in Aberdeen to shred some of the local spots. The second day saw the last leg of the Loco Skateshop “Love Scotland Tour”.

With Rolerblading from Greame Gamby Forbes, James Keyte, Leiws Bowden, Scott Riddles, Ross Martin, Keir Lindsay, Rob Gunn, Timmy Gardiner, Scott Moreland, Gary Cullen, Dano Gorman, Elliot Stevens, Nick Lomax

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