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Scottish Blading Troops – March 2019 (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scottish Blading Troops – March 2019
from scottydogg06 on 28 Mar 2019

Rollerblading from Scotland – March 2019
Featuring: Blade Gawd, Chaz Sands, Quinny, Daniel Jurynza, James Keyte, Russell Dineen, Dan Koss, Paul Campbell, Daniel Pike, Todd O’Brien, Stewart Docherty, Mark Graham, Matty Pearce, Scott Young, Chris Morris, Craig Anderson, Paul Baird, Colin Weir, Liam Wilson, Danny Jewell, Scott McDonald, Dark Lord Bowden

Song: Nym – The Face in the Woods

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Scott McDonald (33) Since ’95 – Rollerblading 2018 (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scott McDonald (33) Since ’95 – Rollerblading 2018
from scottydogg06 on 18 Aug 2018

Made to share the fun of rollerblading & to share the excellent music of the 3 piece outfit – SunSquabi from Colorado, check them out!

SunSquabi – Rare Earth

Not made for profit just to capture the fun vibes that wheels under your feet bring & the essence of challenging yourself & the reward as your roll away.

Many thanks to all those who assist with filming, thanks for your patience! This time round filmers were:
Danny Jewell, Colin Weir, Keith Simpson, Cal Ross, John Rees, Ross Savory, Sam Moran, Cameron Mitchell & assistance from trusty tripod.

Featuring & edited by Scott McDonald

Locations include: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Kilmarnock, Dundee, Arbroath & Newport on Tay.

The Senate t-shirt became a bit of a lucky t-shirt.

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Scott McDonald August 2017 skate section (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scott McDonald August 2017 skate section
from scottydogg06 on 19 Aug 2017

Featuring Scott McDonald testing Ladegoods 64mm prototype wheels.
Good wheels that held up well & didn’t fail on me. Check them out:

Many thanks to anyone who has patiently filmed. This time it was Danny Jewell, Bartek Kloc, Stewart Docherty & Elliot Provan.

Filmed on the phone since the Gopro was lost in the snow & is now emerging from the snow in the French Alps.

Edit: SMcD

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Scott McDonald 2016 skate section (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scott McDonald 2016 skate section
from scottydogg06 on 27 Dec 2016

Kognitif – Just Another Day
IHF – Evolve

Thanks to the following for filming these clips: Colin Weir, Daniel Jurnyza, Cammy Mitchell, Danny Jewell, Craig Anderson, Stewart Docherty, Eliott Provan & anyone else I pester to film, I appreciate your patience!

Filmed in: Hua Mak Skatepark – Bangkok. Newcastle & Liverpool – England & mostly Scotland. Glasgow, Dumbarton, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Cumbernauld & Auchterarder.

Edited by Scott McDonald

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2015 Scott McDonald section (scottydogg06)

scottydogg062015 Scott McDonald section
from scottydogg06 on 25 Dec 2015

Many thanks to those who helped film

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