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Evolution Skatepark, Scotland – Rollerblading Jam – Aug 2023 (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Evolution Skatepark, Scotland – Rollerblading Jam – Aug 2023
from scottydogg06 on 6 Oct 2023

Evolution Skatepark Rollerblading Jam – Aug 2023At Evolution Skatepark, Stevenston, ScotlandHosted by Colin Weir.An informal jam session on 4 parts of the skatepark with best trick cash prizes in each of these areas.We all got involved & skated including the host so filming was basically a tripod placed to try & not get in peoples way so apologies for the static & some far away clips, we were all too busy having fun.Prize winners:Craig Anderson, Chris Brass, Paul Baird & Scott McDonald.Thanks to Evolution Skatepark staff & volunteers for hosting us & donating some prizes.Thanks to Colin Weir for organizing.Thanks to those who dug deep & added to the prize fund.Song – Obli – Cinema

Can’t beat a bit of street – Scott McDonald – Feb 2023 Rollerblading (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Can’t beat a bit of street – Scott McDonald – Feb 2023 Rollerblading
from scottydogg06 on 3 Feb 2023

Can’t beat a bit of street skating. A bit of creativity, problem solving & of course the most fun & satisfaction. The dodgier & less perfect the spot possibly equals more satisfaction when you roll away unscathed (sometimes).Thanks for filming: Colin Weir, Stewart Docherty & Dan Koss.Filmed in Glasgow, Arbroath, Liverpool, Utrecht & Edinburgh.Most of the tripod shots apart from Edinburgh were solo sessions.

Scott McDonald – Rollerblading Park edit – Jan 2023 (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scott McDonald – Rollerblading Park edit – Jan 2023
from scottydogg06 on 20 Jan 2023

Disclaimer: Featuring no transition tricks or skating from 2023.Featuring skating from between 2018 & 2022 at Scottish skateparks, 3 of which have unfortunately closed down (Factory 2, Transgression (Newtongrange version) & EKpark aka Zone74).Many thanks to those who help film: Daniel Pike, Paul Baird, Russell Dineen, Colin Weir & Paul Campbell.Apologies for the potato quality footage from indoors & tripod clips. I don’t like to ask people to take time out their session nowadays to film.

Scottish Rollerblading Troops 2022 (scottydogg06)

scottydogg06Scottish Rollerblading Troops 2022
from scottydogg06 on 2 Jan 2023

Featuring footage from the Unit 23 flatbank send off session & more.Featuring skating from Craig Anderson, Russell Dineen, Keir Lindsay, Chrissy Forsyth, Eliot Provan, Dave McNamara, Chris Duncan, Daniel Pike, Duncan Barton, Graeme Forbes, Mark Burling, James Klinge, David Street, Stewart Docherty, Robbie Calvert, Bartek Kloc, Gary Cullen, Harris Cameron, Bryan Keane & Graeme Paris.

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