Taiwan Summer Skating 2017 (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonTaiwan Summer Skating 2017
from Tyriek Gibson on 28 Dec 2017

I visited the homie Tien Chang in Taiwan last summer to skate and hang, we go way back. We used to blade with each other in the Midwest before he moved. He is one of my favorite artist, in fact i still have a canvas painting he did of a Des Moines Skate Park hanging on my wall. When i told him i was going to Korea to visit a friend i let him know that he was on my list as well. The tripped turned out awesome, i even extended my stay a few days because i was having so much fun and i got a dope as tat for his lovely lady. Thank Tien for letting me crash, i do plan i coming back when i can save up enough money.

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