Tom MoyseTakeshi Yasutoko Pro Skate, BIG LEAKS, Brian Aragon, Rollerblading Video Game, Skating in Vogue News
from Tom Moyse on 27 Oct 2022

Rollerblading news. So after 27 years of being pro, Takeshi Yasutoko finally gets a pro skate of his own. He has had a Yasutoko k2 pro skate before but that was shared with his brother Eito Yasutoko.Merchandise: the Patreon for exclusive videos and sneak peaks: me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: 10% off at used code MOYSE at checkout. 10% then goes to me to help me keep this things going. The Frank Morales Invitation 2023 went down, which saw rollerblading icons such as Brian Aragon and Billy O’neill getting involved. Andrew Broom bagged the Win.Franky also announced his new rollerblading video game to rival aggressive inline. Franky’s World The Lost City.Karsten Boysen has been very busy dropping incredible skating edits with Scott Quinn, David Sizemore, Yuto Goto and Dom West.Alex Broskow and Mike Torres dropped Plus One.Another week of huge rollerblading leaks!Joe Atkinson has be getting more attention from Salomon, doing backflips off buildings. SPOTTY DOGTHEM SKATES presents : SEASONS by Karsten Boysen starring Scott Quinn: SKATES presents PLUS ONE | ALEX BROSKOW: GOTO – ASAYAKE BLUE – FIFTH ELEMENT SKATES: Day – Tony Woodland:’S WORLD – The Lost City | TRAILER: