Mushroom BladingTapes
from Mushroom Blading on 26 Sep 2022

The 65/90 Tapes are an essential tool in our toolkit for riding the Medium Oysi frames. An underrated goldilocks wheel size thats not too big, not too small and absolutely not core. Paired with MB Toes on the Medium Oysi you’ll get a stable ride with a touch of rocker and 98% grind posture insurance in a long lasting and fast 90a urethane. Having all matching green wheels on a Oysi setup is a big deal for us and we hope its a big deal for you too We also recommend skating these in the Pottier FLAT frames and if you want to get crazy you can skate these with an anti rocker setup. Classic grind poses will happen, solid landings will be stomped and positive movement emotions will be felt on these wheels. Todd rocked the medium Oysi setup hard in MB8. You will rock your setup hard too.