TBJP fuckwinter III (FTS)

FTSTBJP fuckwinter III
from FTS on 29 Dec 2014

Yeah, let’s take a trip
Just sit back and light a spliff with this and don’t slip
On a funky-dope track jump back
Strapped with a fat buddah sack and a 7-8 ‘Lac
Go clean, gangsta lean, I got green
But I serve dubs like it ain’t no thing
It’s so sweet, when you got money to spend
I got a proper big tilt and a fabec Benz
I make ends, spend my dough on no hoe
That’s how it is, and that’s how it goes
Act like ya know when I creep real slow
Givin love to them playaz that I know is real G’s

Dominik Stransky
Sandro Gruenheid
Florian Appelt
Phil Joisi
Maik Lojewski
Dennis Baethke
Tim Wolff
Eugen Enin
Joao Goncalves
Patrick Ridder


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