Teaser – FISE World Malaysia 2015 – Official [HD] (FISE)

FISETeaser – FISE World Malaysia 2015 – Official [HD]
from FISE on 19 Nov 2015

After a first successful edition in December 2014, the FISE World Series is back in Malaysia for an even better and bigger edition, from December 18-20, 2015, with even more international athletes and athletic feats. It’s on Langkawi Island, as close to paradise as it gets, that the big BMX pro finals will be taking place, as well as the Open competitions in roller, skateboard and BMX. The park will be set up for the event on a staple location in Langkawi, Eagle Square.
The FISE AREA park for this event has been designed with multiple sports in mind, since all three disciplines will be taking place on the same park. The usual curves and banks will of course be there, but mixed up with some street features, that we usually find on the skatepark. Rails, curbs and a vert ramp will come switch up the lines that we’re used to on FISE events. The Fun Box will also be tweaked a bit, with a steeped landing which will make possible to hit it in both directions. The global park set up is hence original and unusual, which will be very interesting in terms of riding and of course for the public to watch.

It’s also in Langkawi that will be taking place the official award ceremony for the 2015 FISE World Series titles in Roller, BMX and Skateboard. Stay tuned!

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