Intuition SkateShopThankful for Rollerblading
from Intuition SkateShop on 25 Nov 2021

#Gratitude // Score new skates now at thankful for rollerblading, through the laced clips and bruised hips! We are fortunate to be a part of and have skating in our lives. Inline skating is a collectively unique lifestyle, where we get to physically express ourselves on obstacles normal society often overlooks. This year especially, I am overflowing with gratitude for rollerblading. And when I lace up my skates, I know I am not alone in my search for more undiscovered terrain in this urethane rodeo.Featuring Intuition team riders Chad Tannehill, Chris Farmer, and Anthony Luna. Also featuring Bryant Kornbau, Justin Winton, and Matt Mickey. Filmed on location in Bakersfield, Taft, Santa Monica, San Diego, and Venice Beach, California.Gear up to start / stay skating at by: Bryant Kornbau, Justin Winton, Chad Tannehill, Chris Farmer, Matt MickeyEdited by: Bryant KornbauSong: ‘Rumble’ by Bensound (British rock / Royalty free music)