The ComeDown presents Endless Summer-Trailer (Austin Bartels)

Austin BartelsThe ComeDown presents Endless Summer-Trailer
from Austin Bartels on 7 Sep 2016

This short blade flick documents the last of my days in Austin, TX and summer in my home town Tyler, TX with a quick little visit to ATL. Plenty of skating, fun and shenanigans to go around for everybody. Enjoy

Cody Sanders
Austin Bartels
Timona Kasue
Anthony Medina
Ryan Rassmussen
Brady Johnston
Keaton Newsom
Caroline Lux
Mick Casals
Andrew Broom
Heath Burley
Eddie Bravo
Brandon Bobadilla
Colin Mears
John Sullivan
Gino Gotelli
Wes Phelan
Ian Power
Blake Parrish
Rob Zbranek
Michael Braud
Dustin Spengler
Taylor Kobryn
Jarrod Banning

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