Big Wheel BladingThe Edinburgh Session // Si Coburn skating the streets of Auld Reekie
from Big Wheel Blading on 12 Nov 2022

Si Coburn headed north to Edinburgh, Scotland, to team up with Lewis Bowden of Occult Productions to produce this visual masterpiece. Lewis captured Si skating through the iconic streets of Auld Reekie.Become a Patreon Member: members receive access to exclusive videos not available on YouTube as well as Ad-Free versions of the videos on YouTube.Make a donation: WHEEL BLADING MERCH – Links:Check out the interview with Si Coburn for Episode 15 of the Then And Now Blading Podcast here: SI Coburn on Instagram: Si Coburn on TikTok: to Si on YouTube: to Occult Productions on YouTube: the Occult Productions website: Occult Productions on Facebook: Occult Productions on Instagram: Wheel Blading Links:Website: http://www.bigwheelblading.comPatreon: #rollerblading #inlineskating