Tom MoyseThe Future of Rollerblading. These Kids Are Insane
from Tom Moyse on 17 Jun 2024

What does the future of rollerblading look like? In today videos we will talk about the current situation in inline skating, who the next generation of elite skaters will be and where is the world they are from. We will also discuss what’s helping to inspire these young skaters, like skate school and rollerblading camps, who they can look up to, which young skaters already have recognition from brands and which companies are doing the most for the future of rollerblading. I love making rollerblading videos and this channel can only survive with your support, if you’d like to see it continue please considering helping out by Joining the Patreon a member: some Merchandise: donating on PayPal and more: The future of inline skating00:30 Whats going on in rollerblading in 202401:19 How to skate longer02:00 South Korea, Seoul Skater, Seoa Hang, Junseong, Jay Yoon, Esel Choi04:20 Motivating the youth, Blading Cup 04:53 Junkyu Park – inspiring skaters05:30 Japan, Jun Shoha, Shiono Hashimoto, Soichiro Kanashima, Misaki Katayama, Noboru and more07:50 Flawless skating with Kano Miyao, Mei Myoga FISE, NL comp 09:02 A future star Haruhi Shimizu -Takeshi Yasutoko 09:30 Rollerblading schools 10:19 Brazil, a force in rollerblading Anna Julia, Danilo Senna, Fabiola Da Silva11:41 Nicholy Machado USD skates12:16 Brazilian Skaters coming up: Nichols Ribas, Rafina, Enzo12:45 Poland has a bright future in skating: Michal Pietrzak, Filip Hudziak, Adam Wrzal13:38 Dutch skaters: Nolan Van Ophoven and Jakob Esselmann14:10 Europes best new skaters: Lilou Fumery14:44 USD working with young skaters: Vikings on skates15:22 The roller skating twins. The most influential young skaters – Tony Hawks16:44 The UK skate scene17:51 Does rollerblading have a future – will it die19:08 The next generation of skaters, Marius Gaile, Levi Van Rijn, Dominic Bruce19:36 Which brands support youth skating the most? Kids Skates?20:00 How to help the future of rollerbladingFair UseSources soon