The Legendary Ledges, 2 Minutes in Chengdu, China, (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanThe Legendary Ledges, 2 Minutes in Chengdu, China,
from Niko Salaman on 9 Jun 2018

After a month and a motorcycle accident in Thailand I moved on to China to visit my sensei and contend in the F.I.S.E in central China, the massive city of Chengdu!

This is more of a general session and just experience of just how good this spot is as my collar bone was still healing from the motorcycle incident :/

no copyright infringement intended, I use the musical content as a customer having bought it and use this content as personal, non profit recreation.
I make no money from this content, I mean come on! its a rollerblading video.. we poor.

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