The new Rollerblade® Twister Edge (AuthenticRollerblade)

AuthenticRollerbladeThe new Rollerblade® Twister Edge
from AuthenticRollerblade on 2 Jul 2017

Coming soon

Rollerblade® proudly presents the all new Twister Edge. A complete new look with better comfort, performance and versatility. The Twister Edge will change the game of urban skating and will set the new benchmark.

The Twister Edge offers a perfect fit by using an anatomical padded liner for superior comfort for better skating. Furthermore the added shell wrap on the liner and V-cut in the back makes the Twister Edge the most comfortable fitting skate on the market.

The new Anti Torsion Box maximizes energy transfer by minimizing sole rigidity. Each possible frame will seamlessly interface with the Twister Edge upper boot for the best possible performace.

A perfect fit, high performance and versatility; the all new Twister Edge with a cutting edge design makes it all come together. This skate is the new standard for urban skaters, slalom skaters or any skater for that matter who wants the best on the market.

Rollerblade offer 3 different setups. Visit and ask your local skate shop and find out when the Twister Edge comes to town.

Twister Edge 3WD
Twister Edge X
Twister Edge M / W

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