The On Time Tour 2013 (Chris P)

Chris PThe On Time Tour 2013
from Chris P on 24 Oct 2015

Starring Jean Baptiste “JB” Grammagnac, Pierre Lelievre and Chris Pullar, with guest Mathias von Gostømski. Also featuring Issame Tolba, Greg Perrenoud, Andrew Hosker, Lee Jagger, Roberta the car and a couple of cameos.

On June 5, 2013 two Frenchman and an Australian met up in Paris to embark on a 8 day rollerblading adventure. After a quick park session and a trick at the famous Bercy Arena (which was to host an Iron Maiden concert that evening) we hit the road, headed south to Barcelona for two days of street skating. Things seemed to be going to schedule so we jokingly named the trip The On Time Tour, and the theme of being on time continued for rest of the trip. For example once we got to Barcelona we stopped off at a small skatepark for 15 minutes. Just when we were ready to leave, an old friend of mine showed up; Mathias, originally from Germany, had lived and skated in Melbourne a decade ago and was now living in Barcelona and was happy to take us to some great spots we would otherwise never skated. Amazing timing. Then it was back up to France for the annual Marseille Pro Bowl Contest, which had been delayed by rain, which allowed not miss a thing. Once again we were on time.
Marseille was the end of the line for Pierre, and JB and I drove into Switzerland to Bulle, where JB was living at the time. He loves the rugged skatepark there and it shows.
A few days later we drove to Lausanne where we said goodbye and I jumped on a plane to Liverpool to meet some friends at the famous Rampworx skatepark that evening.
It was an amazing 8 days and we would like to thank the lovely Bettina for housing us in Barcelona, Mathias for being a legend and showing us the spots, and Pierre’s sister and brother-in-law for housing us in Marseille.
I’ve always loved this Curtis Mayfield song and when the extended version was playing in the car between countries I knew I wanted to use it when cutting together the footage. 2 years later I finally got around to doing it.
I hope you enjoy this postcard skate video, filmed and editing entirely on my phone.

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