The problem with skateshops // industry insights (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulThe problem with skateshops // industry insights
from Thisissoul on 29 Mar 2020

Because of the resent pandemic our skate school has closed down entirely.
Nevertheless people seem to skate now more then ever and our skateshop is thriving! It is time to investigate the inner workings of a skateshop.
I will explain a few issues facing our industry and try to give solutions to them as best as I can.

In 2017 I was at a convention in Bulgaria to speak about a few topics.
The following recording was shot there.
I will talk about how a good shop-owner deals with investments and tries to showcase our culture as good as possible.
this video is a bit longer then usual and the audio is not always as good but there are just so many good points mentioned here that i just had to show it.
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I start off by showing a screenshot from the old school skate movie Dare to air where it shows Brooke, an icon in skating at the time wearing a special jacket.

Link to the Dare to Air movie:

Dare To Air VHS

The double sizing vlog:

Link to the Thisissoul webshop

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