THE PULLTHE PULL Mixtape aka The Prelude to PWC2: Shoes with Wheels
from THE PULL on 16 Dec 2011

Project Windy City!!!
This is only a Mixtape!

The Prelude brought to you by THE PULL skate shop. Chicagos only skate shop. All spots filmed in Chicago

Featuring sections of:
Angelo V. Margentina
Travis Rhodes
Sebas Seufferheld
Jonathan Seufferheld
Matthias St. John
+ Chicago heads GL-Joe skated with this summer.

Skaters for PWC2: Shoes with Wheels will be announced midsummer 2012.

I purchased all music that was purchasable. Go buy, download and support these musicians. In order:

1. Nikki Lynette “And Your Bird Can Sing ft. I Fight Dragons” from the mixtape Roses and Gunz 2

2. Rod McKuen Beatsville “track3”?

3. The Bloody Beetroots Ft. The Cool Kids “Awesome” from the album Romborama

4. White Mystery “White widow” from White Mystery

5. Cerebral Ballzy “Don’t Tell Me What to Do” Cerebral Ballzy

6. Sir Michael Rocks “Coochie Crook” Premeir Politics

7. 2 minutos “YA NO SOS IGUAL” Valentin alsina

8. Bike for three! “Lazarus Phenomenon” More Heart Than Brains.

9. Supreme Cuts “Issues” Trouble

Guest edit on the 2nd half of THE PULL commercial by Sebas.

Filming by GLJoe, Max Orant, Gelo Shots, Steve Matiasek, Anthony Esquivel, Sebas, Keyone, Jona, C.G., Travis Rhodes and Rob Scallon.

Color Correction and Titles done by Anthony Esquivel