Baloo With WheelsTHE RAD DAD CLUB // Blading Diaries 004
from Baloo With Wheels on 8 Aug 2020

Whats up YouTube! I am back with a new video sharing my thoughts on the over 30’s park dweller, or what I like to call Rad Dad’s!In this video I am going to tell you my story of how I met a couple of like minded guys, out to just have fun and do a thing that takes them as far away from being an adult as possible.Hit that subscribe button and follow my channel and like my videos, it means the world Come and connect with me on my Instagram! Skate Gear:USD Aeon 60 LERekd Wrist GuardsMy camera gear:Sony a5100 55mm 1.4 DM-670 Camera and Audio VideoMic Camera Top Handle on my YouTube channel you will find stories from my life in a fine city!