Back to BladingThe Ultimate Grind Box // Aggressive Inline Skating
from Back to Blading on 4 Dec 2022

It’s another cold, wet day in North Carolina but thankfully we have the Balance warehouse to keep us skating. Last week I upgraded the mini ramp to allow for skating ledges on the flat and this week I’ve trying different grind box configurations to practice skating ledges again.Justin’s Box Plans: – 0:00Current Setup – 00:23Three Goals – 1:25Warmup – 2:29Goal One – 3:23Goal Two – 5:56Goal Three – 7:21Wrapup – 8:51* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: Lawrence is an owner of 50/50, Compass and Chroma and while he tries to be unbiased and avoids conflicts of interest, its important to disclose.