The Yellow Brick Road (Iain Smith)

Iain SmithThe Yellow Brick Road
from Iain Smith on 28 Sep 2018

The Yellow Brick Road
hh-productions presents the yellow brick road.
The menu for your trip down “the yellow brick road” has been selected from the finest skaters from melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane in Australia and Palmerston Nth in New Zealand.
Music featured Area 7, Big Charlie, Craw, Egg the Mountain, Incline, Kaleidavibe, Slipheed, Thermal Skunk Rust.

Breakfast: Chris McMullen, Matt Slaerno, Garth Murray, Hans Donovan, Simon Ruse, Cameron Lee, Jodie Tyler
Lunch: Brenton Klimecki, Jordan Clark, Manuel Billrisi, Tash Hodgson, Luke Turner, Robbie Richards, Sam Fogarty.
Dinner: Tim Ward, Anthony Overell, Tom Sampson, Iain Smith, Paul Williams, Josh Clarke, Harley Imber, plus more
Dessert: Feature of the ’97 AISC and the Australian leg of the IISS, featureing Jon julio, Hamish McCrae, Andy Cruz, Taig Chris.

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