THEM SKATES presents : Pat Ridder Them Browns (

THEM SKATES presents : Pat Ridder Them Browns
from on 1 Dec 2021

The latest rider for Them Skates to get a pro skate is Pat Ridder, which was unveiled at Blading Cup 2021, and now the promo has landed. It features a ’90s vibe, complete with era appropriate rap from Mobb Deep and a high concentration of flare before, after and during many of the tricks – which is something Pat has become known for in recent years – he even threw in a moonwalk and a lookback. The soyale round the curve to roll in looked very satisfying.  Also, how nice is that backslide angle? The video was filmed by Dominik Stransky, Marius Gaile, Tony Cheetah, Marc Moreno and Danny Beer. Watch more Them Skates videos HERE. Watch more Pat Ridder videos HERE.

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