Tom MoyseTHEM Skates x WKND Skateboards. 1st Ever Rollerblade x Skateboard Collab? Hit or Miss?
from Tom Moyse on 7 Nov 2022

WKND Skateboards and THEM Skates collaboration. The first skateboard and inline collab is here. Is this an NBD?NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: this mean the war between skaters and inliners is over? Grant Yansura and Jon Julio have got together to produce a line of rollerblades, recreational skates, skateboards, clothing, accessories and a joint video.This all starts with Jordan Taylor a WKND rider and owner of Loosey. He watches a variety of actions sports for inspiration including rollerblading. He reached out to Jon Bolino of Mesmer and Parker Richardson of THEM to skate and the idea was planted.I break down the story, go through the products, talk about the inspirations and the influences, go over who WKND skateboards are, and talk about both rollerbladers and skateboarders reactions.There is even a little bit on controversy that might be a nod to Arlo Eisenberg and his famous rant in Barely Dead rollerblading documentary about the X Games.How does that rate amongst THEM Skates other collars? Which is your favourite Clarks Originals, Brain Dead or WKND Skateboards?00:00 ALRIGHTThe feud between skateboarders and rollerbladers is over01:02 Them Skates x WKND Skateboards collection02:45 How did a skateboarding and inline collaboration happen05:37 Who are WKND Skateboards and Grant Yansura06:28 Controversy. Skateboarders joking about rollerbladers07:57 Breaking down the WKND Skateboards x Them Skates collection and the references11:32 What rollerbladers think15:28 What skateboarders think18:05 PatreonsSpotty DogWKND – BOTTLE NECK SEWAGE LIFE Steve Collis Special Branch – Blades of Fury Yasutoko with Moto Shibata VERT session GUCCI Nyjah Huston’s Laguna Beach Mansion and Private Skatepark | Open Door | Architectural Digest{{SHINE}})) 2022 Dead x THEM Skates: The New Future Of Rollerblading Skates x WKND Skateboards – How a rollerblading and skateboarding brand joined forces