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Them Wheels
from on 13 Jun 2017

Just when you thought blading couldn’t squeeze any more wheel companies into our pint-sized market, Themgoods expands their umbrella once more with Them Wheels. Jon Julio has quietly set up an Instagram account called RideThem and the first set of 57mm 90a wheels are available to purchase on the Themgoods website. They also have a sweater on there, too. Could this be another step in Jon Julio’s attempt to create a monopoly over all rollerblading-related products? You can ALMOST buy everything you need to blade via Themgoods, Youth or Valo, including skates, frames, outer wheels, grind wheels, bearings, T-shirts, hoodies, shirts, caps, beanies, belts, wallets, backpacks and even socks! The only thing Julio doesn’t provide yet is pants…but there is still time!

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