This Week in BladeThis Week in Blade Ep 108: Creates, Fabi, Maple Syrup Water, Fire, and more!
from This Week in Blade on 16 Aug 2021

Episode 108 of This Week in BladeCovering everything that you need to know in rollerblading.Make sure you follow: Me news: Dewalt – Line with some cheese Originals – New Drop Legacy x Fabiola Da Silva – Storm Skate Santa Monica Skates Presents – Matz Reyes Jastrzemski – Grey Hair and Bad Knees Bentley – Act Natural Packnam – Buzzer by Express Michaels – Hand Spring TV Launch Moore RRB Soul Low Besabe – Lil Flame Grinds Hazelton – Star line Moment of Silence for Julian Issac and Dima Makrushin#rollerblading #Lifestyle #skating #tricks #sports