This Week in BladeThis Week in Blade Ep 136: Spring Cup, Moonshine, Michael Witzemann, Soichiro, Brisbane and More!
from This Week in Blade on 7 May 2023

Welcome to episode 136 of This Week in BladeCovering everything that you need to know about wheels that are attached to your feet!Linktree: – Start00:10 – Intro clipGino Dangers – True Peezy Gap Out00:52 – ProductsMesmer Team Skate – Kay Luz Pro Wheel Faction Product – EventsSpring Blading Cup Recap Power Blading Comp Recap – VideosMichael Witzemann – USD Pro Introduction Talbott – Bunkers Crew – Mantra 2 – SocialSean Keane – Just being himeself Kellet – Aggressive Inline & Touch Kanashima – Firecracker Box Malm – HititWhet Unused Kochetkov – – Outro 10:47 – EnderVashti Rufus-Wilson – 5050x3 #Lifestyle #skating #tricks #sports