This Week in Blade Ep 4 (TheBizOne)

TheBizOneThis Week in Blade Ep 4
from TheBizOne on 3 Feb 2019

Episode 4 of This Week in Blade
Covering everything dope that happened in blading this week.

– Roces 5 Element teaser
– Gawd’s Micheal Prado Pro Model
– Kaltik Kid’s Skate
– Konjure Sean Smith Pro Wheel

– Kizer Element II frames and Sam Crofts Bowl Edit
– Nick Lomax at Marbella Skatepark in Barcelona for Wicked Bearings
– Nils Janson’s Rotes Pro Model edit Trailer
– Forever Blader Gang Video Premiere

Wheels and Deals
– Ricardo Lino to Micro Skates
– Dustin Jamieson to Deal with it SF

– Phillip Moore How Sway clip of the week
– Tony woodland needs a shirt
– Joe Atkinson skateboarded with rollerblades and skated Vert
– Nick Lomax helps you slide into the DM’s
– Scott Quinn Topsole in the barrel

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