Thuro Inline: Bonelli IIDA Inline Race – Raw Footage (das gut)

das gutThuro Inline: Bonelli IIDA Inline Race – Raw Footage
from das gut on 10 Oct 2015

Name/country Run 1 Run 2 Best
Craig Ellis USA 1:06.910 1:06.089 1:06.089
Scott Peer USA 1:07.317 1:06.117 1:06.117
Gabe Holm USA 1:06.795 1:06.288 1:06.288
Gregoire Pinto FRA 1:07.321 1:07.141 1:07.141
George Merkert USA 1:08.046 1:08.200 1:08.046
Warren Focke USA 1:12.888 1:11.209 1:11.209
Xander Cruze USA 1:23.602 1:12.602 1:12.602

The US National Race was held on October 3 and 4, 2015 at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California, in the Los Angeles region and was sanctioned by both IIDA and IGSA (the race organizer). This was the tenth year of racing in the park, and Saturday featured warm, sunny weather and practice and timed racing for inline downhill, skateboard, and luge. The course is 1 kilometer long and has a bumpy right turn that leads into a long gentle finish straight where there is no chance to pick up more speed, so the focus of the race is to exit the turn with the most speed possible in order to roll through the gentle part as fast as possible. Because the exit speed is so critical, there are tons of crashes as racers push their limits, and it is called “Crash Corner”. In the skateboard consolation and final race heats, six of the eight racers crashed on the turn!

Times were exceptionally close in the best-of-two-run timed inline race, with the top three finishers separated by a total of 0.2 seconds and the lead changing between runs.

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