Tim Franken – 11:59 (butterTV)

butterTVTim Franken – 11:59
from butterTV on 21 Dec 2020

Filmed entirely in New Jersey towards the end of summer and into late fall of 2020— I’ve managed to run into Tim Franken at a Ghetto Community pop-up shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. From there we threw around the idea of linking up and getting a few clips together which turned into meeting up every Wednesday late at night and returning home around 3-4am (with the exception of one day where we skated around noon in a group session.). There’s something unique about skating and filming at night especially in the middle of a global pandemic. The streets were eerily empty even in some of the more typically busier areas but that’s also not to say that we didn’t hear or see some things—this is NJ after all. Working with Tim is actually pretty laidback as he just shows up and lays it down. No warming up and nothing short of really good vibes. Period.

Big thank you to Anddy Feliciano and Isabel Dubon for consistently coming out on these late night excursions and keeping the energy high and positive as well as Samuel DeAngelis and Will Sorto for tagging along to help out with photography and their good spirits. Much love to all and have a Happy New Year.



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