Wheel SceneTNEC 58 – the best beginner aggressive skate…or something more?
from Wheel Scene on 4 Jul 2024

I skated the TNEC 58 Skate by The New Everything Company for a month at various street and skatepark sessions, roughed them up a bit and in this video I offer my thoughts on it. I take the deepest of deep dives on every aspect of the skate, compare it to other models in its price range, comment on where I feel it sits in the marketplace, the exciting prospects of the concept for the brand compared to the reality of its performance and lifespan. If you’re a massive blade nerd like me, this one is for youIf you would like to see more videos like this which are not available on the YouTube channel, join the Wheel Scene Patreon.https://www.patreon.com/wheelscene