TOOEASY initiation challenge at tiny skate park: Rollerblading Vlog (Moonshine UHMW)

Moonshine UHMWTOOEASY initiation challenge at tiny skate park: Rollerblading Vlog
from Moonshine UHMW on 28 Oct 2019

The TOOEASY x Moonshine squad unknowingly skate the legendary Dolphin Park ledge one last time before it was filled in with cement by the city of Carson. With a surprise visit from Intuition Skate Shop and S9 Bearing Pro rider Derek Henderson.

We then ventured to a school with literally the most perfect ledge on earth. (Other than Dolphin, RIP) But we were met by another surprise guest. After getting hit with a real life uno reverse card we made our way to a back up ledge spot with the most slippery floor imaginable. But when life give you lemons, you make swivel slides.

For the final spot of the day we decided to check out the Harbor City Skatepark. But not the new one. Apparently, this huge park has two skateparks within a hundred yards from each other. Must be nice. My home town didn’t even have one skatepark until I had already been skating for years. While there we officially jumped our old friend Robert into our gang. And by that I mean we forced him to take our TOOEASY initiation challenge of planking for one minute straight, a task that has now become a daily regime for some of the squad.

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