Tom MoyseTop 15 Winterclash Tricks, New Pro Teams, T8-3, New Aggressive Skate Brand, New Montre Skate
from Tom Moyse on 22 Feb 2024

Winterclash 2024 is on and there has been loads of news in rollerbladind. Whole new wheel brands from the mind behind 4×4. T8-3 drop and people are saying it’s skating edit of the year 2024. Julien Cudot and Nils Jansons join Cymatics wheels. Yuto Goto got a new skates from Roces. There is another new aggressive skate from Powerslide and Montre get his first pro skate from Iqon.If you’d like to see the channel continue: All support it greatly appreciated.Become a member: some Merchandise: the Patreon donations and more: up some Muzzle merch Julien Cudot and Nils Join Cymatics Wheels03:27 Dream wheels news brand and pro team – Andrew Broom and more04:18 Playlife – Powerslide new aggressive skate05:30 Yuto Goto new pro m12 from Roces06:55 New Faction inline skates and Richie Eisler USD Aeon07:50 T8-3 x Them Skates – skate video of the year 202410:24 New Mesmer NYV vol.2 edit John Bolino, Billy Oneill Montre Livingston new pro IQON Skate11:06 who will win winterclash 202411:50 Best Winterclash tricks ever Dom Bruce, Cj Wellsmore13:04 Julien Cudot at Winterclash 14:00 Brian Shima huge trick16:11 Yuto Goto style master17:57 Winterclash Live Stream