Top 5 Aggressive Skates going into 2020 (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesTop 5 Aggressive Skates going into 2020
from LocoSkates on 20 Feb 2020

Hi, Jake Eley here. My top 5 aggressive skates for 2020 (including models released in 2019).

Some useful links relating to products mentioned in the video:

USD Carbon Brown:
USD Carbon Team 2 Brown 2019 – Boot Only

Roces M12 Bobi Spassov:
Roces M12 LO 'Moon' Bobi Spassov Complete Skates

Roces M12 Black (cheaper):
Roces M12 UFS Black Skates

Razors SL Blue:
Razors SL Navy Blue Skates

Razors Shift Kirill:
Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

Them U1 Skates:
Them Skates U1 Black Boot Only With New Intuition 908 Blue Liner

Them 909 Skates:
Them Skates 909 – Grey – With Intuition Liners – PRE-ORDER

USD Aeon Richie Skates:
USD Aeon 60 Richie Eisler Pro Skates

Trigger Beat Schmidler Skates:

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