Back to BladingTorque Grind Progression // Aggressive Inline Skating How To
from Back to Blading on 24 Jan 2022

I love learning new tricks. I realized a few years ago that I could do more tricks than I realized by tweaking the tricks I already knew. So today I’m going to show you my progression for Torque grinds. We start with the Mizu grind, then make our way to the Backside Farvegnugen all the way to the Topside Torque Soul. Intro – 0:00Protection – 1:27Basics – 3:03Backside Farvegnugen – 5:04Backside Cab Driver – 8:53Backside Unity – 11:51Backside Torque Slide – 14:10Topside Torque Soul – 19:54* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: