Traffic skating with Nick Lomax in Kuala Lumpur – Powerslide Inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesTraffic skating with Nick Lomax in Kuala Lumpur – Powerslide Inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 13 Mar 2019

Traffic skating with Nick Lomax in Kuala Lumpur – Powerslide Inline skates. Beat the traffic problems of big cities with three big wheels beneath your feet. Nick Lomax shows in this lost & found edit how to commute faster through the hectic and crowded town of Kuala Lumpur on his Powerslide Imperial inline skates.

Remember: Skate at your own risk and at your own skill level. We strongly encourage everyone to wear protection, especially helmets. Nick is an experienced pro skater who chooses to skate without a helmet in this video. His head, his decision.

Powerslide Urban –
It’s undeniable that Powerslide has been the driving force of urban skating in the past few years. Not only we have been the first company offering carbon freeskates back in the days, we also redefined the freeskating market starting the 3 wheel revolution and we pushed the limits of what can be done in freeskating with 3 wheels.

Back in 2015 there wasn’t a single 3 wheel urban skate on the market when we released the Imperial Megacruiser featuring a 3x125mm wheel setup. The three big wheels and the eye catching neon yellow color of the Imperial Megacruiser skate turned it into our most iconic Triskate and a true trendsetter for most, this was the model that started the 3-wheels revolution. We changed the rules of urban skating for good, and that was only the start.

The next step in the Triskate evolution was the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system. With the introduction of TRINITY our Triskates became lower, more stable and stronger, providing a better power transfer and allowing for real hardcore urban skating, downhill, skatecross, gaps and slides.
Thanks to the TRINITY 3-point mounting now Triskates are suited for all sorts of skating, being lower, more agile, responsive and stronger than skates with 4 small wheels and regular 2-point mounting system.

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