Trail deals (Casey Bagozzi)

Casey BagozziTrail deals
from Casey Bagozzi on 16 Aug 2015

This video was filmed on bikeways in the greater Sacramento area. After skating over 800 miles so far this year, we started to notice that the trails had little spots where you could jump over something or get lots of speed. So we started to bring a light weight camera with a fisheye lens to capture some of the stuff we were doing along the way. All the tricks you see were performed on the trail and were most of the time pretty deep.

Production notes
days: 11
miles: 182.57
kcals burnt: 14,078
feet ascended: 3,451
feet descended: 4,078
trails: american river bike trail, dry creek trail, sacramento northern bike trail, johnny cash trail, miners ravine trail & false ravine trail.

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