Inline NomadTravel on skates in Africa | Episode 23 | Inline Nomad
from Inline Nomad on 30 Sep 2019

The 5000km roller skating trip between Spain and Senegal by Johann Camboulive. Episode 23, from Rosso to Saint Louis (Sngal). Find the latest episodes of this great adventure on skates between Madrid and Dakar at http://www.inlineNomad.comSubscribe to receive all Inline Nomad videos: the official Inline Nomad website: http://www.inlineNomad.comLike Inline Nomad on Facebook: Inline Nomad on Twitter: Inline Nomad on Instagram: Edit and Annimations: Magic Mat, Miguel Pava and Lalo VillalbaPowered by Powerslide and Tectectec France