Trying On Every Current Aggressive Skate for size (almost) | Loco Vlog (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesTrying On Every Current Aggressive Skate for size (almost) | Loco Vlog
from LocoSkates on 11 Sep 2018

It’s 22 bloody minutes! Jump to the skates which you care about…

Gawds Skates – 1:01

USD Carbon Free Skates –
[See Gawds Skates above. Similar fitting.]

K2 Unnatural – 2:48

Razors Cult – 4:51

Razors SL – 6:51

Razors Shift – 7:55

Remz HR – 9:12

Roces M12 – 10:45

Valo Team Skates –
[Use guide for Roces Skates at 10:45. Same fitting / shell]

Seba CJ – 12:15

Seba SX2 – 13:30

Them Skates – 15:20

USD VII – 16:15

USD Carbon – 18:08

USD Aeon – 20:03

Note: When Buying USD skates we’d recommend you usually follow the size you’d expect to be in EU sizes (and discard the UK size)

Missing Skates:

USD Realm – Update coming soon

Trigger Skates – About true to size, maybe slightly small. Round UP if in between sizes. Jake would use a size uk8

Rollerblade NJ Skates – Pretty true to size.. Jake would take a uk7. Harry would take a UK6.

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