Back to BladingTrying to Switch Royale on Rollerblade Blanks // Inline Skating
from Back to Blading on 9 Jan 2022

I got a lot of great comments on my Royale tutorial. One question we discussed in the Slack is which foot you should learn to Royale with. I learned it like my frontside, but it might be easier to Royale with your Soul foot. So today I’m going to give it a try on the Rollerblade Blanks with 50/50 Prime Frames.Intro – 0:00Current Setup – 1:00Three Goals – 1:39Warmup – 2:04Goal One – 5:48Wrapup – 10:15* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: Blippy Trance – Kevin MacLeod ( – Kevin MacLeod ( Thought – Kevin MacLeod ( the Ground – Kevin MacLeod (