Tuk Tuk skate skitching on Powerslide Kaze Triskates – Urban Inline Skating in Thailand (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesTuk Tuk skate skitching on Powerslide Kaze Triskates – Urban Inline Skating in Thailand
from Powerslide Inline skates on 19 May 2017

Freeskating in Thailand on perfectly customized Powerslide KAZE boots with 3 times 125mm wheels looks tempting for sure! Watch Worapoj Boonnim skitch his way to some fine Thai street air time on big wheel skates.
One day “Note” woke up and found that the mellow hill next to his place in Thailand had been paved into a snake run with bumps and jumps all the way down. Watch him cruise his hood in Eisler’s custom painted Kaze Trinity skates…

The Kaze setup is:
Powerslide Kaze Trinity Boot
Powerslide Trinity Pro Frame 3x125mm (painted)
125mm 88A UC Wheels
Wicked Twincam ILQ9 bearings

Use the Powerslide Kaze urban inline skate boot as a foundation to build your very own dream skate setup! The super low center of gravity of the Trinity mounting enables you to roll on bigger wheels without losing control or safety. The reinforced shell & cuff provide plenty of support for all freestyle urban tricks. Once having tried the comfy Recall Fit padding, there is no coming back. Hands down, an amazing freeskate!

Find out more about the new Powerslide Urban skates line at: http://www.powerslide.com/inline/urban/

Want to go fast and keep all your tricks? Powerslide Urban inline skates are ready for your city ride. Fast slides, skate cross, 4 or 3 big wheels, 165mm or the super low Trinity mounting, Tau carbon, Imperial hard shell or Kaze softboot skates, women, men or kids feet, our wide range of freeskates will have your needs covered. Build to last with optimized control and a focus on comfort rolling your city has never been such a blast. Commute freely with style & adrenaline on our Urban inline skates!

The usage of protection gear (especially helmets) while skating is strongly recommended by Powerslide, although each person is personally responsible for himself and his actions. Skating in traffic is always a dangerous thing to do. The shown stunts are performed by professional inline skaters at their own risk. SKATE SAFE!

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Tuk Tuk skate skitching on Powerslide Kaze Triskates – Urban Inline Skating in Thailand

Starring: Worapoj Boonnim
Filming: Richie Eisler
Editing: Worapoj Boonnim

Powerslide Inline Skates


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