Ulm City Blade Jam 2018 (EleventyOne Media)

EleventyOne MediaUlm City Blade Jam 2018
from EleventyOne Media on 10 Dec 2018

2018 Annual Blader Jam held in Ulm Germany organized/hosted by Gino Dangers and Hank Hank.

1 Adrian Deck,
2 Charly Gringos,
3 Diego Guilloud

Girls :
1 Aniek Kerkhofs
2 Assia Zaharieva
3 Liene Nulle

Amateur :
1 Oli Hochi
2 Mikolay Richárd
3 Maximilian Hide

Rail killer of the day:
Ollie Jones

I couldn’t fit all the footage from the comp otherwise it would be over an hour long. And people stood in front of my camera a bunch, but I was able to capture some sick shit. Enjoy!

Leftovers will be posted soon

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