Ulm City Blader Jam 2016 (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonUlm City Blader Jam 2016
from Tyriek Gibson on 9 Nov 2016

Ulm City Blader Jam thrown by the homies Gino and Hank from Ulm Germnay. I wasn’t planning on filming but i always bring my camera regardless. Gino asked if i brought my cam and said yes and i went on from there. Hope to see more of you guys in the future. I slowed it down to about 75 percent because fuck it! Why not!?!

Best trick starts at 3:30

Artist/Song: Nina Simone – Sinnerman
Filmed & Edited by Tyriek Gibson
If you want to be credited in the video im me and ill add you to the credits.

1. Nils Rinas
2. Stephan Mohr
3. Denis Wolf
4. Maximilian Hide
5.Manuel Weber
1.Matthias Silhan
2.Fehlmann Jan
3.Jon Matter +Lucas Landthaler
4.Julien Lemoine
5.Sacha Miguel Lopez
Rankings On-per!!!

(Not sure what ‘On’ or ‘Per’ means :P)
1. Nils rinas
2. Stephan Mohr
3. Denis Wolf
4. Maximilian Hide
5. Manuel Weber
1. Matthias Silhan
2. Fehlmann Jan
3. + Lucas Landthaler Jon Matter
4. Julien Lemoine
5. Sacha Miguel Lopez

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