Ulm Skate Hall Jam Session with USD rider Gino Dangers (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonUlm Skate Hall Jam Session with USD rider Gino Dangers
from Tyriek Gibson on 25 Nov 2017

Had the pleasure of riding with Gino and Hank from Ulm the day after Thanks Giving. Gino got a new pair of USDs recently and I got a new camera. So I hit him up and told him i wanted to test out my new camera functionalities. He did more than just provide me footy, he destroyed! I wasn’t planning on editing any of it until Christmas but i couldn’t sit on this shit; he did full cab true porn 6 times consecutively, so i used all three shots. Thank Gino, Hank, and Shawn for letting me test my camera on you guys. The camera is starting to make more sense to me now.

Gino Dangers Rider for USD, Kaltik, and the homie
Hank Wischnath the homie
Shawn Collins the homie
Zimi covanaj new homie�
sergej hergert new homie �

Artist – Song can be purchased at https://ostinatorecords.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-as-broken-dates-lost-somali-tapes-from-the-horn-of-africa
4 Mars – Na Daadihi (Guide Us)
Filmed In Ulm Germany

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