LocoSkatesUnbelievable! …Salomon Are Back.
from LocoSkates on 30 Mar 2022

Salomon are back! From their X-pedition series, we proudly present the SH1.Salomon’s expertise in technical footwear is unrivalled, so what better celebration of outdoor sports than a hike/skate hybrid just in time for summer.With the SH1 Salomon facilitates maximum comfort while rolling. Goretex invisa-cuff technology keeps your ankles supported while remaining invisible to the human eye. Meanwhile, the 360 nano-rubber soul is the best shock absorbing mid-sole seen on a skate to date. The upper has been constructed using a unique fabrication process, it’s 100% fabricated.Cast your eyes down to the 2-piece soul kit to discover a new innovation in grind technology. The ‘flex-point’ at the toe of the soul makes for more comfortable grinding on uneven surfaces, adapting to the urban surroundings while you slide. It also unlocks a true world first; Kink-rail cheat mode. The flex point bends to allow you to stick to kink rails like never before.The skate is chaperoned by the infamous Sola street frames: a perfect marriage of premium quality shiznit.Bearing witness to this epic matrimony are the high precision ABEC 9 bearings and elite 60mm wheels, both in a traditional circular form factor.Available for pre-order starting 01/04/22.[Please note: LocoSkates can and will refund your pre-order in the event that the release is entirely falsified.] – Weight 3500g (based on a UK 8)- Includes left AND right boots at no extra cost Pre-order the SH1(t) here:https://www.locoskates.com/collections/all/products/salomom-sh1Use Discount code: LOOFLIRPA1