Montre LivingstonUnboxing Electric Rollerblades w/ Montre Livingston!!!
from Montre Livingston on 22 Nov 2022

What up world, your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here with another awesome video! I came across an amazing new brand on Instagram called, Escend Blades. They specialize in innovative commuting and their first product is a dream come true for some of us in the blade world. They made the first electric rollerblades available to EVERYONE and you can get yours today.The brand comes from the UK and they all seem to be advocate rollerbladers which makes this product that much more amazing. You can find them on IG at, @Escend_UK and even here on YouTube at, @ESCEND If you dig blading and want to get an experience like never before, check out Escend and engorged yourself in the amazing advancement of technology for inline skaters.Cheers and happy shredding folks!!!