from Undercover Wheels on 13 Jun 2024

https://powerslide.com/products/eugen-enin-movie-58″Inspired by my last Alien Promo, we gave it another shot and tried to embrace the rolling element even more this time. So I choose a smaller sized Fluid 5 to be more agile and also less intrigued with grinding. This is probably the least grinderblading focused Aggro profile I did so far.” – Text by EugenCamera & Cut by Daniel Enin @BorklynZoo SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER!Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest news about Powerslide and its affiliated brands, information about upcoming events, insight into Powerslide tech, our latest products, videos and media. To subscribe, click here: https://powerslide.com/pages/subscribehttp://www.undercover-wheels.com#UCWheels #EugenEnin #MovieLine