Urban Triskating on TAU 90 skates with Eugen Enin – Powerslide Inline Skating (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesUrban Triskating on TAU 90 skates with Eugen Enin – Powerslide Inline Skating
from Powerslide Inline skates on 4 Nov 2017

Eugen Enin took his new Tau 90 skates on an urban adventure from west to east Germany. The Powerslide team skater explored the inner city of Düsseldorf and visited the infamous Kulturforum spot in Berlin. The Tau Carbon 90 Trinity skate offers the perfect support, which is needed to accomplish both, fast & powerful skating but also controlled maneuvers.

Powerslide Tau Carbon 90 Trinity Urban Inline Skate

The Tau 90 is the face of a new era! It´s the first Triskate used for freestyle skating. Bigger wheels make sitting tricks easier and allow you to lift your heel and toe higher. The management of the balance on one wheel is easier and you are also able to get a higher speed for your tricks. The Tau 90 offers different rockering options which a regular 4 wheel skate can´t offer. You are enabled to rocker just one wheel or two wheels on your skates. You can even rocker your left and right skate in a different way to optimize your freestyle skating!

Urban Skates

Want to go fast and keep all your tricks? Powerslide Urban inline skates are ready for your city ride. Fast slides, skate cross, 4 or 3 big wheels, 165mm or the super low Trinity mounting, Tau carbon, Imperial hard shell or Kaze softboot skates, women, men or kids feet, our wide range of freeskates will have your needs covered. Build to last with optimized control and a focus on comfort rolling your city has never been such a blast. Commute freely with style & adrenaline on our Urban inline skates!

Urban Triskating on TAU 90 skates with Eugen Enin – Powerslide Inline Skating
Skater: Eugen Enin
Skates: Powerslide Tau Carbon 90 Trinity Urban skates 908229
Location: Duesseldorf & Kulturforum Berlin, Germany
Video: Daniel Enin, Borklyn Zoo

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