USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler Gray Skate (USD Skates)

USD SkatesUSD Carbon Free Richie Eisler Gray Skate
from USD Skates on 11 Nov 2014

USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler gray Skate

We are proud to present this extremely high quality, Carbon Free skate for Richie Eisler. Richie Eisler paid exceptional attention to detail when creating this skate. The materials are of the highest quality leather and match his favourite shoes, this time in a gray scheme. The beauty of these skates is that the more worn they become, the better they look!

At USD we decided to develop a new compound that would mimic the Carbon feel at a lower price, allowing more skaters to enjoy the Carbon revolution.

The Carbon-Free boot has been designed with a combination of Carbon, Fibreglass and Nylon which has allowed us to create the closest feel to Carbon while enabling us to lower the price for our loyal customers. A size 41 skate weights 150g more than the Carbon II.

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