USD Quick HITS x Montre Livingston x VII Clan (Montre Livingston)

Montre LivingstonUSD Quick HITS x Montre Livingston x VII Clan
from Montre Livingston on 14 Dec 2019

Soooooooo, I had some time to work on this and find out what type of features my editing app has and well, you can see I had fun with this one hahahhaha. As usual, USD Quick HITS provided to you by, Your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader, Montre Livingston. Teaching son Kian how to film so, give it up to him for filming all these clips. He did pretty good. Thanks GoPro for such awesome high quality equipment. Love it. Still getting used to all this high tech stuff but, you can be sure to see more vlogs and edits sooner than later. Cheers folks and dont forget to, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and of course, SUBSCRIBE. RING THAT BELL, DINGDING

This video is good to view for all ages. 👍

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