Wheel SceneUSD Sway Chris Farmer 2 Pro Skate Review – Best skate for under 200?
from Wheel Scene on 25 Nov 2022

For the latest episode of Honest Reviews, I test out the USD Sway Chris Farmer II pro skate. I’ve been wanting to try this skate since they redesigned the soul plate, but I was put off by forward flex and reports of previous models having plastic that was prone to cracking or not being particularly supportive. Fortunately I managed to get a pair second hand from a friend and I was quite surprised by my experience with them. For a sub 200 skate, it certainly doesn’t perform like one. Massive thank you my Patreon supporters: Josh Allen Faction Skate Company Chris Archer Reto Burgin Jumpstreet Podcast Rene Dillon Neil Owen Samuel Brownlee Stephen Johnstone Micki Toft A Parker Dean Bradley Bill Campbell Ron Escobar Jason Newing Patrick Coddington WarlockoftheinlandIf you would like to join the Wheel Scene Patreon and be entered into a monthly prize draw for Wheel Scene merchandise, visit my page here – https://www.patreon.com/wheelscene Visit our our online shop – https://wheelscene.bigcartel.com Follow Wheel Scene on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wheelsceneblading